Dr. Rajan Lekhraj Mahtani- The Brightest Star Of The Financial Scenario Of Zambia

For a man like Dr. Rajan Lekhraj Mahtani, who has dedicated his entire life to the well being of the country, any phrase of appreciation will fall short. He, the Chairman of the Finance Bank Zambia, is not just a man of ingrained principles, but also a human being with kind heart and a listening ear. As a sole  decision making body of the premier financial institution of the country,  he not only took proactive steps to steer the success of the bank,  but also made active participation in contributing a major share to the  country’s economy.

In specific terms, Finance Bank Zambia is the brainchild of Dr. Rajan Lekhraj Mahtani.  As a Director Chairman of the organization, he not only established the Finance Bank, as the premier financial institution of the country, but also had redefined the concept of banking as well as corporate relationship. Under his tutelage, Zambia experienced true relationship, which is completely based on integrity, mutual respect, product innovation and service delivery. Whether it is the stakeholders or the shareholders, Dr. Mahtani had always accommodated their diverse needs as well as their specific requirements. Responding to their business needs has always been especially important to him and thus, he maintained the magnificence and fame of the bank for last 26 years.

What’s most commendable about him is his unwavering faith on Almighty and incessant struggle against the forces of life. Although, for a good soul and extremely dedicated human being, such vile conspiracies are pretty common, yet such base plots hold no strength to put a man like him behind the bars.  Following the alleged forgery, the Finance Bank of Zambia faced a lot of obstacles. But in due course, the premier institution has again managed to rule the country’s economy. And the sole steering force behind all these developments is Dr.  Rajan Mahtani.  He is not just a man of material, but his principles and unfathomable sense of morality will always make him the bright star in the business and Finance scenario of Zambia.